A-1 Higdon Reservation, Rental Rules & Cancellation Policy
Please make sure to read this and don't forget to print you a copy!!

Reservations--- To book your reservations you can call us at 256 582 9505. Or you can e-mail us @higdonrental@gmail.com When we receive your reservations by e-mail, will e-mail you back or call you to request your credit card type and number so that we can complete your reservation. This procedure is for your protection.

Unless married, Renter (s) must be at least 25 years of age. All occupants of a unit must be closely and personally supervised by the Renter( s). Any reservations obtained under false pretenses may be subject to loss of deposit and rent and immediate eviction.

Rental Periods Are Primarily Weekly---Saturday to Saturday Or Sunday to Sunday on some of our properties----We take Daily Rentals providing the date starts or ends on Saturday/Sunday, so two weeks aren't messed up with minimum of 4 nights. Summer/Early Fall are restricted to weekly rental only.
Unless odd dates already posted!
Occupancy is limited to maximum occupancy as shown on each unit's rate schedule. An exception may be made for infants. If your approved occupancy is exceeded,
Violations of rental occupancy restrictions are grounds for IMMEDIATE EVICTION AND FORFEITURE OF RENT.

To hold your reservation, Reservation Deposit of $700 for 3 & $800 for 4 bedrooms for daily/weekly rentals, "Monthly Reservations" require larger Deposit of $1000 for 3 & 4 bedrooms plus a Credit/Debit Card is used for as your Security Deposit, your card "Will Be" charged for any missing items, and for all damages that incurred during your stay (Report Damages when you arrive to avoid being falsely accused or charged). If you choose to pay cash deposit, We will hold your Damage Deposit for a week until our Cleaning crew reports the condition of the condo to us. If the damages is greater than the Deposit, then you are to pay entire damages.
Note: When reservation is within 45 days, full rent/amount is due at time of reservation

The Reservation Deposit will be applied toward your final rental payment when due.
Only one check/credit card per Reservation/Security Deposit is accepted.
Only credit cards are accepted when a reservation is made less than 45 days prior to arrival.
Full payment of all rental fees, departure cleaning, taxes, deposit, processing fee, parking pass fee, etc., is
due six weeks prior to your Arrival Date (90 days for snowbirds/monthly rentals).
Extra cleaning, excessive wear and/or damage, missing contents, or other surcharges, will be billed to Renter (s) credit card.

A Confirmation/Rental Agreement Letter will be faxed or emailed to you, which you should review carefully, checking for accuracy.
Please contact us immediately if any corrections are necessary. If for some reason beyond our control the unit you reserved becomes unavailable, we reserve the right to place you in another, comparable unit or cancel Rental.

Additional Charges--- $50 non-refundable reservation processing fee and lodging tax of 13% must be charged on all rentals of less than 180 days (6 months) & Basic Linens/Clean Fees will be added to every reservation at a rate of $250-$275 for 3 & 4 Bedrooms at Phoenix Orange Beach 2 complex & Beach House.. Linens/Clean fees are for maid to come in after you depart and clean condo for next guests.

Beach chairs and toys and etc are to be left
"OUTSIDE" of condo so as to not bring sand inside condo. When using washer and dryer in condos, please avoid washing our linens with your beach towels and etc. as they will fade onto our linens causing us to have to replace linens and charge you for ruined ones.

Before leaving, you are to take out all trash and dump in trash chutes located on each condo floor and make sure to clean all dishes/pots & pans and put back to their places---if you leave condo without doing these things or if your cleanup causes maid more than normal time or work to cleanup after you, additional charges will be applied to your credit card!
As you probably know, labor is extremely high in resort areas and maids time spent cleaning is very costly plus we try to provide you with extremely nice condos and you are expected to take extremely good care of it.

Processing Fee (Non-Refundable)
A $50 non-refundable reservation processing fee, to cover expenses associated with the initial reservation, is due at reservation time.

Credit Card Charges---There is a 6% processing fee charged ~ONLY~ if using a credit card to pay weekly/daily/monthly rental charges

Parking Pass --- A $55 per vehicle Parking Pass Fee (max of 2 parking per unit)

Wrist Bands-- $1 each this is to make sure people using the amenities are solely guest/s of the condominium.

-You can purchase the parking pass/es for Phoenix Orange Beach 2 onsite at the Lobby office and get your wrist arm band at the lobby as well.

Please display your parking pass in your auto dashboard while parked at all condos.


  • Rates, descriptions (including bed sizes), furnishings, amenities (including pools, hot tubs, etc.) and availability are subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE. No refunds will be issued for changes made by individual property owners or unavailable amenities.
  • Substitution of comparable properties may be made without notice or liability, should the property you reserved become unavailable for rent. You may choose comparable available property at the published rate or receive a refund of your Initial Reservation Payment and prepaid funds (excluding processing fee)
  • 45 days minimum notice for weekly rentals
  • 90 days minimum notice for monthly rentals
Cancellations, date and property changes occurring less than stated minimum days required notice will result in forfeiture of Initial Reservation Payment, rent, taxes and  cancellation fees.
A $50 Additional Fee apply to any date changes, property changes.
* Note: See Trip Insurance info below.
Last Minute Reservations: There'll be NO Cancellation on any Last Minute Special Reservations/Rentals.

  • Refunds are only issued for cancellations OUTSIDE of the cancellation date range (45 days for Daily or Weekly condominium rentals and 90 days for monthly condominium rentals). Refunds do not include the non-refundable processing fee ($50) plus $100 cancellation fee is charged on all cancellations.
  • NO REFUNDS are issued for cancellations or early departure due to inclement weather or personal circumstances such as illnesses, mandatory hurricane evacuations and similar events that can affect your trip. We strongly suggest that you purchase trip insurance. Guests purchasing trip insurance may qualify for a full refund through CSA or Travel Guard Travel Protection, but you must have purchased optional coverage and also handle filing claim.
A-1 Higdon Vacation Rentals does not offer nor sale "Travel Insurance OR Trip Interruption Coverage's",,,, but YOU can purchase this coverage on your own thru CSA TRAVEL PROTECTION whom can provide you with optional important insurance coverage, benefits and 24-hour emergency assistance to take care of you while traveling and protect your hard-earned investment. For info on this optional coverage, simply click here; http://www.csatravelprotection.com/  for more information on the trip insurance provided by CSA Travel Protection.
A second option for Travel/Trip Insurance is  "The All Seasons Travel Plan" provided by Travel Guard�Travel Smart.Travel Insurance. This plan includes coverage for severe weather, medical emergencies, trip delays, baggage loss or delay, car rental coverage and cancellation or interruption coverage for a variety of covered reasons, including a mandatory evacuation. Call for info Travel Guard at 1(877) 249-5376.
Please note: A-1 Higdon Vacation Rental's cancellation policy does not provide refunds for unforeseen developments such as illnesses, mandatory hurricane evacuations and similar events that can affect your trip. We strongly suggest that you purchase trip insurance.

Check-In Procedures---There is no Check-in-in an office---You go directly to the condo. Check-in time is 4:00 p.m. during summer/prime time: During off season; check-in time is anytime after 3:00 p.m.  (There is no EARLY CHECK IN and $75 penalty will be applied if broken). Please do not ARRIVE/CHECK- IN earlier than 3:00-4:00 p.m. this will give our housekeeping enough time to get the place ready.
Check-out Procedures
There is no Office Check-out---Check-out time is 10:00 A.M.--(There is no LATE CHECK-OUT and
$75 penalty will be applied for late departures). Please make sure you lock the main door when you leave/depart.
My cleaning company will report the status of the unit...Please take all food with you or dispose of. Take all trash to the trash chute located on each floor & make sure the glasses, utensils, pots/pans and dishes are clean & put back to their proper place.
Please take care of this condo, this is a better condo than a regular rental condo as we strive to provide "Nicer Condo's".
Please leave the unit as you found it. Thanks and have a safe trip back home and see you again next time.

Electronic Code---Door Electronic Code will be emailed within the week of arrival. 
Note: If you have problem with the door not opening, pull the door handle towards you, you'll hear it click,  punch in the code and turn little knob on the keypad, turn the door knob, door should open---If you put code too many times, electronic door won't open and lights will blink, let it reset for at least 30 seconds and try again.

Telephone Usage---Long distance and directory calls must be made collect or charged to your credit card. Local calls are free.

Internet Service-
--All of our Condos now feature in room wireless internet access for FREE!!!  Open WiFi.

Towels and Linens---Please do not remove these items from the unit...you will be charged full amount of any linens and towels missing during your stay. Washing machine and dryer are available in the unit for you to wash and dry wash cloths and towels.
Please remember to bring your own beach towels...Please do not use the condo towels as a "Beach Towel"...Also, watch out when washing Beach towels as they will fade!! Please Don't wash our towels/linens with Beach Towels as you will be charged for new towels/linens if you damage!

Outdoor Grills---Sorry, but grills are prohibited on decks, porches, balcony etc. due to fire hazard. Most condos do have grill on site for your use. Most likely located on the ground floor and it's first come first serve. For Beach House: Grill is located on the ground floor.

Personal Belongings---
Please do not leave any valuables in the unit. We are not responsible for any loss or theft of money, personal property of any kind. Any items that are left in the unit are not our responsibility.

Conduct of Guests---Absolutely no house parties allowed. The property must be used for residential purposes only and you must be peacefully occupy the property and not interfere with your neighbors. You are solely responsible for yourself, your family and your guests, and must not permit any activities on the premises which are contrary to any law, ordinance and or applicable Health, Fire Department, Insurance Company or Condominium Association provisions. These are strictly enforced and any violations will result in forfeiture of all deposit and rent and immediate eviction.

Right of Entry---We have to reserve the right for us and/or our agents, to be able to enter and inspect the condo during your stay at all reasonable times to ensure maintenance and safety of the premises, and also to show condo to prospective renters or buyers. We will make every effort to schedule a time that is convenient for you and not interrupt your vacation.

Damages and Breakdowns
We make every effort to ensure that your condo is cleaned and inspected before your arrival.

However, we encourage you to perform a quick inspection upon arrival and immediately report any damage or problems to us otherwise you will be held responsible for damages during your stay
. Please promptly notify "US" (not Housekeeping) of any mechanical, electrical, and plumbing or other problem with the premises other than housekeeping issues. We will make every effort to correct any problems as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in the event that a mechanical failure does occur during your stay, no refund or rate adjustment will be made.

House Keeping---We make every effort to ensure that your condo is cleaned and inspected before your arrival. But if you find something wrong housekeeping wise, please give the housekeeping a call right away so they can check the unit.
Contact number is in the instructions that's emailed/given to you.

No Smoking - No Pets - No Bicycles Inside---There is storage available at each Condominium complex for bicycles and they are not allowed in the elevators or individual condos. Luggage carts are also not allowed inside the individual condos.
No smoking is allowed in condos nor Balcony period (there's a designated smoking area on ground floor).
And sorry, no pets are allowed due to Condominium Association rules ($
500 fumigation charge applied if this rule is broken). For the enjoyment of all of our guests, these rules are strictly enforced. If evidence of smoking or a pet is found, forfeiture of all rent and deposits and immediate eviction will occur plus applicable penalties!!!.

HOME | Contact Us | Or Call 256-582-9505----Emergency Number (For Emergency Only) 256-673-8787 Or 256-226-8282

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Please understand that we hope, that nothing untoward happens to you, your family or your guests while you are staying in the condo. However, we must ask you to agree that we and/or our agents are not liable for any damages or any injury to you, your family and/or any guests, or to any of your or their respective personal property, from whatever cause arising from your occupancy of the premises. And that you specifically agree to hold us, and/or our agents harmless, and defend and indemnify us from any such damages and/or injuries, including court costs and attorney's fees. Your verbal acceptance or signed acceptance of Rental with us, means you will abide by all our rules as posted.